Zermatt Festival experience

Dear Guests
, whether you are coming up for the evening – did you know it is possible to go down again with public transport at the end of all our concerts? – or whether you are making the most of the last summer days to walk the mountain paths during the day, the Festival awaits you with open arms. The 7.30 pm concerts in the St-Mauritius Church are always a highlight, but there are other places to discover, in the resort’s historical hotels, or the picturesque English Church.

A stay in Zermatt is always an exotic experience with the very special atmosphere of a car-free village (since 1956!) where you come across horses in the main street. Do take advantage of offers from our hotel partners – you could meet musicians at breakfast or hear music emanate from the rehearsal rooms!

In fact, just push the door open, every day the programme of public rehearsals is advertised on our site and at the information stand in the heart of the village!