Where do you study?

Universität der Künste Berlin

Member of other orchestras or institutions: For this season I am appointed solo flutist in the Landestheater Schleswig-Holstein.

What do you like to do when you are not playing music?

I have been volunteering at the children’s hospice and family visiting service of the Caritasverband Berlin e.V. since 2017. In addition, I love to dance, cook, fish and sail, provided the sea is nearby.

At what age did you start playing your instrument?

At the age of 9 I held a flute for the first time.

What was the most exciting concert you ever performed?

My first concert as a member of the Landesjugendorchester Schleswig-Holstein is one of my most formative memories. This working phase in Salzau Castle was my first experience in an orchestra. From then on, I was fascinated by the sound of the orchestra and the happiness of making music together.

What was the most awkward moment in your career?

Out of sheer excitement, I once left my wiper stuck in the flute during a group lesson. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get any sound from my instrument until the mystery was solved and I had to start laughing out loud.

What is your favourite piece of classical music?

That would be „Firebird“ by Igor Stravinsky. I associate this work with my year abroad in England, where I was able to play it in the school orchestra, which was very formative for me, especially for my musical career.

How did the last two Corona years influence your musical development?

My feeling about the last two Corona years is ambivalent. They made me doubt my studies, but at the same time, realise again and again how important culture is. I was able to redefine my musical goals, wishes & ideas and also to develop myself musically.

Which famous person would you like to have dinner with (from the past or the present)?

Helge Schneider, because he can be so wonderfully ironic and I can imagine laughing a lot with him.